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Ofsted Compliance

Who is Ofsted? Anyone who works within education should know the importance of being Ofsted compliant within the UK.

The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills, inspect and regulate services that care for children and services providing education and skills for learners of all ages. It is paramount that children are protected, and this is apparent in the approach to enforcement.

Welfare and Safeguarding

Ofsted act immediately on any information that suggests the welfare of children are not safeguarded, or that children are at risk of harm or being harmed. Ofsted do regular checks within childcare settings to secure compliance with the law and continuously improve the quality of the setting. Ofsted inspect and regulate local services such as child-minding, child day care, children’s centres, children’s social care, CAFCASS, state schools, independent schools, teacher training providers, colleges and learning and skills providers in England. Ofsted predominantly have four categories that they look for within an educational setting: quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management.

Inspects, Regulates & Reports

The inspections help to raise standards and help education and social care settings recover and improve where necessary. Regulations advances high quality care, education and safeguarding for children.

It is Ofsted’s priority to give each child the best start in life. They do this by developing the evidence base about early years education, including curriculum and pedagogy and act on it.

Keeping children safe and promoting children’s safety and welfare is at the forefront of everything they do.

Senso Learn and Oftec Compliance

Introducing Senso Learn

With Senso Learn you can keep your staff up to date with all the latest legal documentation and training courses that will ensure your school remains compliant. You can utilise the Senso platform by adding your own content, this enables you to upload documentation that coincides with your school policies and procedures.

Each course has monitored activity and individual user progress tracking, making it easy for admin to access for compliance purposes. Senso Learn is the perfect platform to quickly and easily build, publish and deploy your own learning content and courses. Upload all your safeguarding content with ease and ensure your school is continually staying compliant, whilst encouraging fun learning.

Safeguard Cloud

Our Safeguarding and Assisted Monitoring bundles also allow for schools to remain compliant. Thanks to our Safeguard Cloud bundle, which offers top-level overviews and reporting of all violations across a single or multi-site setup, we can deliver an unparalleled insight into a user’s actions and behaviours using advanced AI driven visual threat analysis developed with the usability in mind.

Keep track of user activity by filtering and sorting by severity, phrase, user, keyword, visual threat, reviewing violations is flexible and allows you to pinpoint those that require support quickly, as well as providing full browsing history to understand online activity in wider context. Streamline your safeguarding process by directly importing escalated violations directly to your CPOMS or MyConcern platform.

Senso Safeguard Cloud and Oftec Compliance

Senso Assisted Monitoring Tools

Assisted Monitoring

Assisted Monitoring is a service that works hand in hand with our safeguarding software to monitor students’ behaviour, identity and alert you to serious issues, whilst offering support to help resolve these issues.

Our fully trained online safety experts are dedicated to safeguarding your students and offer advice to help you respond and resolve any issues.

Web Content Filtering

Plus, with our cloud-based, category-based web content filtering that appropriately filters and blocks students from harmful or inappropriate content you can rest assured that the correct measures are in place to keep your students safe whilst online. When providing devices to students to use at home, Senso’s Cloud Filter works to keep those students and devices protected whilst on your school network, anywhere, anytime.

Senso Web Content Filtering Ofsted