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Lourdes IT have been providing IT support to schools across the Worcestershire and Warwickshire areas of the United Kingdom since 2012. They are a not-for-profit managed services provider (MSP) for education that supports more than 50 schools and trusts with IT services.
Its teams have used Senso to manage their supported IT estate, with nearly 4,000 devices registered in their tenancy. When the pandemic forced schools to send devices home with students and staff, Lourdes IT needed a way to protect the devices they were deploying and the users they were supporting.
Schools monitor students

Working with Senso

Lourdes IT packaged up Senso and deployed it across thousands of devices.
The Senso platform allows for complex, multi-site setup with hierarchical access and role-based permissions, enabling admins to manage everything from a centralised top level and pass down relevant safeguarding features by site to the applicable staff.

This approach ensured that the schools could monitor the safeguarding risks and teachers could monitor and manage their classes whilst students and staff were working from home. Lourdes IT could also support users remotely and seamlessly.

Customer Benefits

Everyone is protected by Senso, thanks to Microsoft Azure’s security features.
In the past year, more than 3,000 devices have been deployed to parents, students, and staff across the trusts and schools that Lourdes IT supports.

Further, real-time alerts to staff around user safety and wellbeing enable schools to identify the students who may need support, whether they’re in school or not. Senso’s cloud-based network management tools ensures that staff and students can stay connected.

Microsoft Azure’s security

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