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Digital Wellbeing

Finding a balance with technology that feels right for you.

Digital wellbeing relates to how the use of digital technology impacts on an individual’s life. Whether it be social media or other apps, they can all have an impact. The amount of people now online is forever growing so it’s incredibly important to recognise that support needs to be available for children and adults to ensure healthy and positive digital habits. We can affect our digital wellbeing simply by how long we spend on our device, our behaviour online, our interaction with other users and how other users interact with us and what we allow to influence us.

Digital Wellbeing Balance

As technology becomes more advanced and more integral in our daily lives, it can often keep us distracted from the things that are most important to us in life. Technology is here to improve our lives, not take over it, so it is important to find the right balance. What can we do to ensure we create a digital wellbeing for ourselves?

Unplug more often. Makes sense, right? Sometimes it is hard to prize ourselves away from our phones, tablets or computers, whether it’s at work or during our free time. But it’s important to hit pause and focus our time on things that are important to us.

It’s so easy to get distracted when we are in the mist of scrolling social media or working on something particularly time consuming but it’s good to take the time away from tech to ensure it's not taking away from what matters to you.

Senso Digital Wellbeing Laptop

Senso Digital Wellbeing Ninja


Wellbeing is a term we are familiar with and often relates to someone’s mental, emotional or physical health. A person’s wellbeing can be affected by many factors within someone’s home life, work life, friendships, relationships and environments to name a few.

It’s important for us all to understand digital wellbeing and how technology can impact us in both positive and negative ways. But let’s focus on what’s deemed healthy digital wellbeing. Interactions with other people that are positive and appropriate, being aware of online information and harmful content and how to deal with this in an effective manner, ensuring that there is an online/offline balance so that you aren’t missing out on things that are the most important to you and embracing technology and its ever-growing usage but not using it as the only source of communication.

On the flip side, what is deemed negative digital wellbeing. Interactions with others that are extremely negative and potentially harmful, being exposed to harmful online content and unsure of how to deal with this, not having an online/offline balance and relying too heavily on technology and therefore experiencing poor mental, emotional and even physical health.

Finding a balance with technology that feels right for you.

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