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CPOMS and MYCONCERN integration

For many schools CPOMs and MYCONCERN are important and essential daily tools which support the recording of safeguarding and reporting of concerns.

CPOMS integration with Senso


CPOMS allows users to quickly, easily and securely record all information a school has on each individual child in one place. It is typically a safeguarding, pastoral and wellbeing solution. This intuitive system helps schools, colleges and academies to ensure that children, young people and adults are safe and fully supported.

This market leading software solution for monitoring safeguarding, wellbeing and pastoral issues is used by over 15,300 establishments amongst many countries including the UK, Ireland and USA just to name a few. CPOMS is driven by a team of specialists with extensive experience in the Education Sector.


MYCONCERN allows for easy recording, managing, and reporting of concerns within a school setting, helping to protect children, young people and adults wherever they are.

Designed by child protection professionals with backgrounds in social care, education and policing, MYCONCERN is a Queen’s Award-winning safeguarding software.

This software allows anyone responsible for the protection of children, young people and adults at risk to easily manage and record all safeguarding and wellbeing concerns.

MYCONCERN integration with Senso

CPOMS and MYCONCERN integration with Senso for safe schools

Senso, CPOMS & MYCONCERN integration

Being the masters of safeguarding, Senso integrate perfectly with CPOMS and MYCONCERN offering the complete solution for your schools. Streamline your safeguarding process by directly importing escalated violations directly to your CPOMS or MYCONCERN platform.

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