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Class Cloud - All You Need to Know

We appreciate that the classroom can often be a chaotic environment. With a mix of students who work, students who are easily distracted, far too much talk and not enough listening, and students doing a little of this, that and the other. This can hinder learning and easily become stressful for teachers.

But with Senso’s Class Cloud bundle, controlling the class has never been easier.

Monitor and teach from anywhere without distraction. Senso’s monitoring and control modules are designed with teachers in mind, to put the control back into the hands of your teachers. Easily view multiple devices simultaneously, easily share documents, block out unwanted distractions and much more in just a few clicks.

Microsoft Teams Sync

With Microsoft Teams Sync you can effortlessly sync your school’s Microsoft Teams groups automatically giving easy screen access.


Substitute Teacher

If you’ve got teachers off sick and you need to get supply in, Substitute Teacher is the perfect feature. Substitute Teacher enables administrators to invite and share groups with substitute teachers or teaching aids so they can see all the required class information. Eliminating the hassle that often comes with picking up another teacher’s class and workload.


Client Live Chat

Teachers can initiate a Live Chat session with one or multiple users at a time. This feature allows teachers to give advice and guidance to users with a click of a button, minimising the need to disrupt the entire lesson.


Remote Control

Remote Control allows you to take control of devices with ease. Assist a user easily, take control of a single device or of multiple devices to ensure students remain on track throughout their lessons.


Send Message

Quickly send a message to one or multiple students in just a few clicks. A quick and easy way to give them a nudge and keep them focussed.

Block Sound

It can be become irritating to hear multiple sounds coming from multiple devices within the classroom setting, so with that in mind, the Mute Sound module gives you the ability to mute or un-mute sound on one or all of your classroom devices in seconds.


Close Tab

Close Tab closes the Active Tab of the Chrome browser. If it happens to be the only tab, it will close the Chrome browser application down.


Clever Sync

Easily import your classroom groups, enabling staff members access to the correct groups and live thumbnails.


Azure AD

Azure AD allows access to grouping and user-based information which allows automatic sync to pull.


Client Updater

Update your client in one single click or schedule an update in advance for a more convenient time to suit you.