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Assisted Monitoring Service

At Senso, we are proud to be partnered with SWGfL to bring you a reliable Assisted Monitoring Service which works hand in hand with Senso’s Safeguard Cloud software to monitor student’s behaviour whilst also providing schools with an online safety expert.

In this new blog series, we are introducing key partners who play an influential part in the success of Senso.

Reliable Assisted Monitoring Service SWGfL

Senso cloud Safeguarding solution development

Could you Introduce Yourself?

“I’m Claire Hayden, Customer Support & Operations Manager at SWGfL.

I have been working with SWGfL as well as supporting schools for over 6 years now. Half of this time has included working alongside and supporting DSL, monitoring students’ online behaviour, and providing help and guidance in managing any issues that may arise.”

Tell us a bit more about SWGfL

“SWGfL is a charity that believes everyone should benefit from technology, free from harm.

Forming 1/3 of the UK Safer Internet Centre, SWGfL has been at the forefront of online safety for the past 21 years ensuring that everyone has the right tools to keep children and young people safe online.”

What does SWGfL do?

“Our experts advise schools, public bodies and industry on appropriate actions to take in regards to safeguarding and advancing positive online safety policies on a national and global scale.

Part of our ongoing work involves delivering accessible information that is relevant and keeps up-to-date on the latest trends within the field of online safety.

We host three helplines, the Professionals Online Safety Helpline, Report Harmful Content and the Revenge Porn Helpline alongside working with the BCS on the Barefoot Computing project which supports primary school teachers in delivering computer based curriculum through workshops and free resources.

We have developed innovative tools and resources to help support professionals with keeping children and young people safe online. Some of our services have won prestigious awards including a BETT award and a Best Education Service award.”

How do you keep children safe online?

“Our team of experts are there to equip individuals with the tools and knowledge to help keep children and young people safe online. We want to bring online safety to the forefront of public attention and show why it must be prioritised through all walks of life.

Some of our most well-known products and services have opened up active conversations around online safety and encouraged schools and professionals to address where they may be falling short.

Our 360 tool which assesses individual schools’ online safety policy and practice is actively being used by over 14,000 schools and works with them to develop an acceptable level of online safety practice and code. ProjectEVOLVE is also being used by over 5,000 schools and gives professionals the educational material to bring online safety development into the classroom with a focus on classroom engagement and discussion.”

What is the biggest challenge facing young children in regards to online safety?

“Harmful material can find its way into all walks of life that can potentially be victimising or extremely upsetting for young people.

Sometimes there can be an over reliance towards technology that can lead to compulsive behaviour and create intrusion within young people’s lives. It’s important to maintain balance with screen time and for parents and carers to be aware of the correct reporting routes towards harmful material online. Creating awareness around online safety can help with preventing problems and responding to them when they happen.”

How has Working with Senso helped with this?

“It’s been fantastic!

Through our work with Senso and the assisted monitoring tool, we’ve been able to identify where harm has occurred online and allowed intervention in a responsive and efficient manner. It’s that access that has allowed us to try and prevent the spread of harm online and continually raise awareness around safer internet use.”