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Anti-Bullying Week

15th-19th November 2021.
The Anti-Bullying Alliance is once again hosting Anti-Bullying Week in the UK, this year’s theme being ‘One Kind Word’.

As the world is gradually coming out of over a year of isolation, kindness is more important than ever and acts of consideration can break down barriers and brighten the lives of the people around us. This year, organisations such as schools who work closely with young people are being encouraged to seek the positive and kind things we can do to halt hurtful behaviour in its tracks.

Click here To find out how you can take part in all the action to raise awareness.

Anti-bullying week

One Kind Word Online

As a popular source of communication for young people, we have been considering the impact One Kind Word can have online.

Fighting against cyberbullying in schools can unfortunately be a difficult task, especially to monitor the messages students (or occasionally staff members) may be sending each other.

Senso's safeguarding software is able to deliver unparalleled insight into a users actions and behaviours using advanced AI driven visual threat analysis, and developed with usability in mind.

Safeguarding for Microsoft Teams

Senso’s safeguarding software for Microsoft Teams Chat provides schools and organisations an easy-to-use monitoring solution for inappropriate messages and images using Senso’s AI based visual threat detection engine.

Our cloud-based solution will alert you to any Teams user who may have sent inappropriate messages or images within the application and logs the date, severity and channel name so that you can manage the situation.

Our ‘Report a Concern’ feature also allows users to report anything they think is a concern directly from the Microsoft Teams application.

We believe that having our safeguarding software embedded into Teams will encourage students to think about the text and images they are sending to each other and the consequences this could have on their peers. Our goal is that by capturing and reporting these images schools and organisations will experience a drop in cyberbullying and instead motivate users to send One Kind Word.

Safeguarding bullying for Microsoft teams