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EdTech & Efficiency- Optimize Your School Software

Understanding your data and making the most of your School Software and discovering the best EdTech tools is the first step to truly understanding where you can improve your systems and organization of your institution. Helping everyone, regardless of their tech mastery, understand the data and information your computer systems provides, is vital in effective and equal network management.

Therefore, teacher dashboards and administrator network management and monitoring tools should be easy to understand and customizable to your needs. Cloud-based device monitoring dashboards and a range of our other software modules, enable you to get the most out of your data and act on it in the classroom and throughout your network efficiently and effectively.

Simplify your Systems

Unifying your network management, student device monitoring software, and resource-sharing methods reduces the number of systems you have to learn and use on a daily basis. We all know how busy schools are this time of year, so when looking for your next EdTech solution, you need as few steps as possible to get your teacher classroom software up and running.

There is no need to set up multiple different software bundles for each specific task, multi-faceted, use-first designed software is a cost-effective, more straightforward method to upgrade your EdTech. For a fully comprehensive school software bundle, Senso’s Enterprise Cloud offers all of our modules in one software package.

A sharable, customizable teacher dashboard is a great way to empower teachers to take control of their classroom management in new ways and to develop a dynamic teaching style utilizing blended learning. Senso’s Class Cloud Classroom Management Software Bundle enables easy student device monitoring for teachers and para educators through Live Thumbnail Views of multiple screens. From one element of the dashboard, you can identify if students are staying on task, and use other web blocking or lock screens to address inappropriate behavior.

Additionally, as key to our Substitute Teacher cloud-based software, having all of your resources in one place improves accessibility and efficiency in the classroom. With Google Classroom Sync, lesson plans, student progress, and assignments can be shared easily and effectively from anywhere with remote, Cloud-Based online classroom functionality.

Real-Time Network Efficiency

Senso’s Remote Monitoring and Management Software, Network Cloud, is an effective and efficient software suite to assess your network error alerts in real time. The System Info dashboard and error event viewer is an easy-to-use resource for prioritizing and solving issues with your network to keep the whole institution running with fewer delays.

Acting on your data has also never been easier than with remote working network management with Network Cloud. Remote Script, Client Live Chat, and Command Prompt are some of our favorite modules within this bundle that allow you to prepare for network issues by writing a Batch, Powershell, or VBScript to be executed automatically on one or multiple devices. Keep your device fleet updated and in top shape with minimal fuss and save a lot of time and worry for your IT staff.

For the most centralized and complete version of this principle, a holistic network management software can place the power for a comprehensive view of your institution in your hands. The Service Desk as part of Senso’s support team software gives you the ability to observe and manage trends and incidents easily.

Users can raise tickets for prioritization and tracking on your centralized incident management dashboard. With instant access to live thumbnails and views as well as chat and response functionality, administration is made more efficient and integrated into the everyday running of your school!

Input and Communication throughout your System

Technology allows for feedback and communication between all parts of the school ecosystem. The chat functionality within many of our modules allows for private and public communication in an instant.

Class Cloud’s Q&A module gives students a voice to inform their teachers’ future classroom management strategies and lesson plans, while also improving safeguarding communication and building more open relationships between staff and students, allowing teachers to reach out privately to individual students where needed.

Using EdTech helps schools prepare students for the future effectively. It creates an innovative and dynamic atmosphere and encourages them to safely navigate through and communicate effectively through a range of different EdTech integrated methods.

If you are looking for new ways to upgrade your School Software to get the most out of your technology, why not try Senso?

Don’t miss out on your Free Trial of our amazing School Software. If you have any questions you can contact our team at 866-664-1520 for more information about how Senso can help your institution adapt to EdTech futures!