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6 Classroom Management Strategies that Embrace Technology

Teachers can be hesitant to embrace new technology in the classroom. With this in mind, Senso’s classroom management tools are designed especially as technology for teachers to improve engagement in the classroom, manage student behavior, and introduce new fun ways to teach.

If teachers and paraprofessionals in your schools or district doubt the importance of technology in education, why not introduce them to Senso’s classroom management software? With easy-to-use technology tools for the classroom available in Senso’s Class Cloud software suite, educators will discover brand-new ways to engage, challenge, and build healthy relationships with students.

Try out the software with no commitment required with a free demo of our class technology software. Or if you already use Senso, introduce new ways to use and understand technology integration with guides of the teacher dashboards with our Learning Management System, Senso Learn, and make your school fully technology smart!

Here are just some of the ways teachers can optimize their classroom management strategies through technology integration in schools with Senso software:

Broadcast Class Screens to Encourage Sharing

Students thrive when introduced to new creative and collaborative forms of learning. Put education into their hands with presentation activities for students to develop their knowledge in practical ways and present their unique perspectives and ideas to one another.

Broadcast screen allows individuals to present in class with a push of a button allowing for new and different ways to present information that can improve classroom engagement drastically. Teachers can select a student device to give provisioned access to share the screen with other devices in the class or at the front of the class for a simple way to display student work and share information.

Interactive lessons using screen broadcasting technology allow room for experimentation, including enhancing a presentation with multimedia elements and encouraging all students to feel comfortable to share with the class, building confidence in themselves and reinforcing what they have learned.

Pop Quiz with Messaging Features

The Q&A Modules and send-a-message modules can be used to engage whole classrooms, groups, or individual students with quick quizzes and questions to address attention issues and keep students on task. Rather than a teacher calling on a student out loud in class, a quick message or prompt question on a student’s screen can get certain students thinking about the lesson content without disturbing others.

This targeted approach to technology-enhanced questions that create a personalized learning atmosphere to check in on students’ understanding and progress. This kind of quick question or pop quiz function can be used to quickly assess how much students are concentrating and learning at different points of the lesson so teachers can respond dynamically to problem areas of the subject that students struggle with.

Device Monitoring to Identify Distractions

With the holistic class dashboard overview, student screens within the class can be monitored simultaneously in thumbnail view. Identifying students’ off-task behavior on their devices reduces the distractions of excessive technology in the classroom by maintaining teacher control.

Classroom screen monitoring allows teachers to see activity on connected devices in real time, allowing for immediate intervention in student behavior. Rather than remove control from the teacher by creating new distractions for students, hybrid learning can be harnessed to maintain a level of awareness of a whole class at once, creating an environment where all teachers can identify struggling students and off-task behavior easily.

Respond to Student Behavior with Device Controls

When off-task behavior is recognized, teachers can refocus behavior in various ways. The Class Cloud classroom behavior management system provides a range of options to address attention issues including:

• Lock device screens to gain a class’s full attention and remove distractions.

• Screen lock customization with a message for students from the teacher to refocus behavior.

• Block web access once a task requiring internet access is over for an efficient switchover between activities.

• Block sound from certain computers to remove distracting sounds with the push of a button.

Streamline Teaching Performance with Device Control

Lesson plans and class assignments can be deployed in new and engaging ways with launch applications and desktop remote control software. Automatically open online learning resources across student devices, use the Google Classroom sync feature to group students for projects or discussions, and easily provide access to resources, assignments, and assessments to streamline teaching.

Tailor Lesson Plans with Direct Feedback

Rather than an integration of technology separating people, with responsible use of technology in the classroom can help build relationships with students and provide support when needed. The send message feature and client live chat can be used to privately communicate concerns from student to teacher or create a pathway for a support check-in.

Direct feedback creates a transparent classroom environment where students are free to express themselves and ask questions, but can also help teachers with their professional development. End-of-class reports and questions from students can provide the basis for the next class’s lesson plan, addressing gaps in understanding, but also inspiring new ideas and activities for engaging students.