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Classroom Management Hacks

With the rise of the Digital Age, our classrooms are catching up fast!

Digital teaching software is an essential for the modern teacher. ‘Blended learning’ as a combination of your regular curriculum and classroom management teaching software can enhance student engagement, reducing distraction and increasing personalization. Also improving rates of academic achievement, and developing greater trust and connection between students and teachers.Adapting your classroom management strategies for the New Year is a great way to help your students learn and chase away those January blues with fun and energy-boosting methods with easy-to-use, affordable teaching software.

Even if you’re not the most tech-savvy, integrating technology into your teaching doesn’t have to be difficult! The flexible, modular design of Cloud Senso’s modern classroom management and safeguarding software means anybody can create a seamlessly digital classroom experience.

Class Cloud Classroom Management Software is the software for rocketing your teaching into the Digital Age! Here’s how we can help…

Encourage collaboration through broadcasting

Focus entire classes with a push of a button!

Cloud classroom manager simplifies screen sharing, allowing you to override the screen of any connected device including school tablets and laptops. This prevents any distractions the internet can provide and keep students’ focus on what’s being taught, too easily see and take notes on the topic at hand, or to explore a chosen website or application at their own speed.

An amazing extra feature of Class Cloud’s broadcasting software is that it enables students to share with the class as well! When approved by the teacher, kids are able to present their own ideas in their own way without concerns of technical difficulties. This reduces stress and provides more confidence, meeting the ever-growing problem of mental health and student well-being in schools.

This feature is a great opportunity to create a dynamic classroom from a busy one, allowing your students a closer look at what your showing them by broadcasting it directly to their screens can improve concentration and combat any accessibility issues. Students with dyslexia can change their screen colours to help their comprehension and those with visual impairments can adjust sizing as much as they require without having to always sit at the front to see.

Providing an opportunity for collaboration by turning kid’s screen-time to learning-time is a modern way to maintain focus even in a large class so no student is left behind!

Focus on Feedback

Open communication is essential to maintain a positive and respectful relationship with a class, and this goes both ways! The Quick Question feature of Class Cloud is a simple step towards discovering places where your students are struggling and figuring out solutions.

Without the opportunity to respond to your teaching authentically and openly, students may feel ignored and as a result, disengage with their learning. By easily sending out messages to specific students or whole classes for them to respond to, feedback has never been closer to your reach!

We suggest to send out a message after each lesson ends to give students the private opportunity to evaluate how they found the learning. You can even subtly ask quiet or underperforming students how you can help them specifically in terms of teaching, or in your duties of care.

Beyond the feedback capabilities of the feature, Quick Question is also perfect for pop quizzes! Revitalise your class when the energy lulls by popping off a Quick Question for the class or more disruptive students to complete. Identifying which information hasn’t gotten through to everyone is simple with instant feedback shown on one screen.

Keep an Eye on Students’ Digital Activity

The modernisation of our schools is not all positive however, the rise of blended learning in the wake of Covid has raised many new questions about student safety and student mental health. The fact is that the internet can be dangerous, so it is important that schools work to limit the harms that students can encounter online.

Remote monitoring and content filter software allows school devices to be protected no matter where they are used. Restricting access to potentially harmful and inappropriate content when in school and when working at home or even out and about using unprotected Wi-Fi.

Protecting students is a priority here at Senso Cloud and we are fully CIPA Compliant, with Congress’ Children’s Internet Protection Act first introduced in 2000 being an important consideration in all of our software services.

Our Agentless Safeguarding Software is an innovative tool to provide comprehensive and expansive online monitoring and pre-existing keyword libraries to identify threatening language, websites and even visual threats using AI detection.

In real-time, teachers need to be aware of the problems students face when using technology in lessons. So our live thumbnail features of Google Classroom Sync as part of our Class Cloud packages are able to display student screens in full to immediately see and respond to issues that may arise.

A question on the minds of many is how to protect students on Microsoft Teams. Microsoft teams monitoring, including chat monitoring is important to combat cyber bullying and keeping kids safe and on track for learning. Cyberbullying software is a very important aspect of our tech development here at Senso Cloud. We are proud to support David’s Law against cyberbullying, and Microsoft teams chat monitoring is an important focal point for this effort in a post-Covid world.

Final Warning Systems

Maintaining classroom management throughout the day can be difficult for any teacher. Students tend to lose interest and energy into the afternoon, and disruptions can become more and more frequent. Therefore, managing student’s screens in a holistic and immediate way is incredibly important.

Class Cloud Classroom Management Software enables educators to disable the internet of certain devices or lock screens. This is key to prevent distraction in the classroom and to grab the attention of an unruly classroom. In today’s current climate this software is also a vital part of emergency broadcasting.

These tools lend teachers extra methods to get through to students without raising their voices, it's just a tap of a button and the classroom is back, focused on their learning.

New Year, New Teach!

Class cloud classroom management software is sold as a unique package tailored to give educators the tools they need to maintain focus and objectives during lessons.

You can book a demo to see for yourself how easy-to-use and helpful our software can be to revolutionise your teaching! We help you to adapt it to your specific teaching style, building confidence in your technological mastery as you go, with a helping hand from our expert software engineers.

If you want to learn more about our many services, you can call our pre-sales team on 866-664-1520 or fill our our contact form.