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Chrome Management - Setting up Software Solutions

With a full Chrome Operating System, a software system tailored to your network is essential.  Senso’s software is available in a Chrome management package designed for easy application and sharing across Chrome devices including student Chromebooks.

The Senso software extension for Chrome devices enhances the functionality of your systems to enable the wide range of software tools that Senso provides, including content filtering, classroom management, and network monitoring.

Senso Extension Settings on Chrome

Setting up a Chrome group policy configuration to deploy the Senso Chrome Extension is the first step to making the most out of your Senso software tools across your whole network and grouped devices. Senso’s add-ons can be integrated into the design setup of your Chrome Group Policy Object (GPO) to meet your requirements for security, functionality, and control.

When setting up your Senso extension, the software can be easily applied across your school’s shared Chromebook fleet by selecting a group or Organizational Unit (OU) through the Google Admin Console. This will allow you to select, configure, and install the relevant software easily to any group of networked devices.

You can also use this group policy functionality to apply additional settings to devices uniformly and quickly with Chrome extension settings. Recommended actions for the use of Chromebooks in schools include blocking certain actions like disabling important software or sharing logs with the Senso Chromebook client.

For advice on troubleshooting Chrome devices and to check that your technology and systems are right for the Senso Chrome extension visit our solutions article or get in touch with our pre-sales team.

Chromebook Management and Classroom Device Sharing

Working with Google Classroom to organize materials and share important information is made easy with full syncing and integration with Senso classroom software for Chrome devices. Google Classroom is already integrated with Chromebooks and similar devices, allowing teachers, students, and substitutes to access and share materials remotely. However, with the Senso Chrome plugin enabled, Google Classroom can be used in more dynamic ways in the classroom, to organize breakout groups, share uploaded materials through the Senso client and screen-sharing tools, and much more.

Chromebook screen sharing, when enabled through your Chrome GPO is a great way to allow students to display their work to the class and take part in active, participatory learning. As technology is increasingly integrated into the classroom environment and working life, many schools are providing Chromebooks to students. Being able to share and express their learning in a multimedia, technology-based way is beneficial to developing useful skills and comfort with using technology in new ways.

For solutions to the most common issues with Chromebooks that our classroom and device management software can remedy, explore our Complete Guide to School Chromebook Management.

Chrome Filtering and Chromebook Monitoring Software

Chrome filtering software is a crucial element of Senso Software to keep students safe online. Active monitoring in the classroom with the use of Senso extensions on Chromebook with enabled activity log sharing allows administrators to monitor and manage what students can access, applying customized Chrome content filtering settings or using Senso’s regularly updated recommended blacklists.

By enabling developer mode on networked Chromebooks through the Google Admin console when connected to the Senso Chrome client extension, sharing and collecting activity and error logs directly from individual Chromebooks is simple. This easy customization of Chrome policy to monitor and manage devices through remote administration systems is a key part of responsible device management important for any school bringing in more technology to the classroom.

Senso’s Chrome Specialised Software Solutions and Management Tools

Our primary solutions for the management of Chrome devices in schools are:
• Class Chrome - A classroom management software package with essential tools to monitor and teach in a unique way without distraction. Available at $3 per device per year.

• Safeguard Chrome - an unparalleled safeguarding tool that protects students from a range of hazards and dangers they may encounter online. Available at $4 per device per year.

• Enterprise Chrome - our powerhouse bundle that includes the capabilities of Class Chrome and Safeguard Chrome in a comprehensive suite of modular tools. Available at $5 per device per year.

To experience a new way to manage and utilize your Chrome-based technology network, Book your Free Demo of Senso technology or get in touch at 866-664-1520.