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Broadcast Screen: Ideal Classroom Management Tool for Teachers

Broadcast Screen is a classroom management tool available as part of Senso’s Class Cloud Bundle that is designed to enable easier sharing with an entire class or displaying student work.

Sharing information like the lesson PowerPoint directly onto student laptops, Chromebooks and tablets in the classroom is a great way to engage students with learning. By focusing attention on a selected broadcast screen, students have less distraction and can clearly see and take notes during lessons.

Allowing Students to Share their Screens

By selecting a student device as the broadcaster, you enable a presenting student’s work to be displayed across the rest of the class screens, including the main class computer. The student can control what is on other device screens when given broadcast application permissions. However, the ultimate control of stopping and starting the broadcast is still held by the teacher using the Senso dashboard.

Guide to Using and Setting up Broadcast Screen

If you or teaching staff at your school or institution are interested in the capabilities of the Broadcast Screen technology tools read on and find out how simple it is to use. Tricky technology can be discouraging for staff, but with straightforward class management software like Senso’s Class Cloud, teachers, and Para educators can master technology tools for the classroom to improve student engagement.

Select Broadcaster

Selecting the device to display is simple when setting up your broadcast screen tool. Choosing the right screen name from a list or directly from your dashboard thumbnail view is an easy way to ensure you are choosing to broadcast the content that you want.

Select Devices to Broadcast to

On the Senso portal teacher dashboard select the folder that covers the class screens you want to broadcast to. This can be entire classes, select groups, or individual devices. As long as the desired users are part of your school’s Senso network, you can broadcast directly to their screens easily.

Target screens can be selected through thumbnail view or list view, allowing you to quickly select screens you wish to share with. If you wish to share a PowerPoint automatically with certain devices that have not opened the right content yet from your class, the thumbnail view allows you to easily identify which screens have not accessed the desired lesson content and share your screen with these devices to get the students’ learning back on track.

Broadcast Options

Prevent users from closing the broadcast screen, show the broadcast as a separate window or fullscreen mode, and choose the size of the broadcast screen as a proportion of the user screen.

When the option to prevent users from closing the broadcast themselves is selected, the teacher has complete control of what appears on the student screen. When a device is being broadcasted, distractions that can come from unrestricted access to technology in the classroom are removed. Therefore, students become more engaged with the content displayed on their screen, unable to minimize the window pull up another tab, and distract from the lesson.

On Windows devices, teachers can even select to switch monitors while broadcasting so they can read notes from a separate monitor which still seamlessly broadcasts the main presentation to the class through the broadcast screen.

Starting Broadcast

With the press of a button, your screen is shared with the whole class! Using the thumbnail screen view on your class dashboard, you will be able to see that each device is displaying your screen uniformly, and now you can get to teaching with this shared resource.

Ending Broadcast

As simple as starting a broadcast, ending it with the stop button automatically closes the broadcast screen window on receiving devices and hands back full control to your students.

Get your Free Demo of Broadcast Screen and Many More Features with Senso

If this technology tool seems helpful for your schools to maximize learning engagement, and make effective teaching easier, why not trail Broadcast Screen and many other Classroom Management and Safeguarding options with a Free Demo with Senso?