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Blocking Websites - A Content Filter Guide for Schools

A unified safeguarding and content filtering system across your school or school district is important to ensure full safety for your students on the internet. Knowing how to block websites and keywords or to remove certain safe sites from your network blacklist sites list is a crucial element of managing your internet filtering in schools.

Best Content Filtering Software

Senso’s content filtering and safeguarding software provides an effective to manage, monitor, and block web access on student and school devices. Senso Content Filtering network administration tools come with a default blacklist of terms and websites to block for schools, including inappropriate websites for students like social media, pornography, or suicide and self-harm content.

To restrict websites, the tool uses site categorization with the latest recommended updates to the safe search default master list to keep student web access as safe as possible. This list is updated automatically regularly as new threats and sites arise to provide 99.9% coverage of harmful and malicious content.

Senso’s internet filtering system not only benefits from extensive category-based libraries to block inappropriate websites but also, our proactive AI filtering tool automatically checks any sites for inappropriate material to block and restrict. This image identification software takes a modern approach to protecting children online, allowing for real-time web blocking of a wider range of content than ever before.

Guide to Customising Blacklists- How to Remove Blocked Websites

With administration permissions, you can edit your block list and configure the filtering to suit your school’s needs. The process is simple, you can restrict websites for certain devices, policies, or user groups in the Access Module section of your Senso client dashboard to restrict URLs, content, or certain actions, such as taking screenshots, as necessary.

By inputting a term, domain, webpage, or specific URL as a detection term, your administration staff can block access to any web pages or searches that include these terms. If you need to monitor certain keywords or sites rather than block them entirely, which is recommended for older students’ devices around certain topics, selecting the ‘keyword’ option on the same screen will give you email alerts when students search or access the sites or related media to notify the school safeguarding team.

As demonstrated in our helpful support article, the same screen can also be used to whitelist and configure allow-only status for terms and sites at your discretion. One unique function of these settings is the ability to block or allow access for scheduled amounts of time. This is often used to ensure websites are blocked during the school day, but available when they may be required when students are no longer using the network.

Keeping students safe requires a unique and tailored approach for each school. Using our tools for safeguarding and content filtering, schools can decide which element of the recommended blocklists and safeguarding warnings they can include in their network.

Discover How Senso’s Csontent Filtering Tools Can Help Your School

Senso’s tools allow for this freedom and customizability and promote it at the forefront of our approach to school software.

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