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Asset Cloud- Understanding Network Management Software

Do you want to better understand Senso.cloud’s Network Management Software before you try it yourself?

You can easily book your free trial of any of our software to find what works best for your institution.
We suggest our Asset Cloud software for remote network management as an effective, creative, and efficient method of keeping your online management solutions running smoothly.
You can also learn more about the bundle by downloading our handy guide.
Here you can find out more about the innovative software and specifics of how even the most tech-illiterate of us can become a Network Management expert!

What Can Network Management Software Do?

You may find yourself asking, just what is a Network Management Software Package, and what can it do?
Network Management Software provides a 360°-view of all activity and software in a networked organisation, including remote devices and databases.
A cloud-based asset solution for safeguarding, device monitoring, and management for the range of capabilities across remote device networks is essential for any organization large or small.
When working with new school software, it is important to understand your data and software capabilities. Luckily, Senso’s experts can provide you with a full run-down to help you understand exactly how you can benefit from an effective Network Management Software package like Asset Cloud.

What is the Single Central Record?

Essential for school monitoring and network management for student safety, the Single Central Record is a full record of all data processed on your network database relevant to the identities of those working with children, including volunteers, staff, and contractors.
With network management software, this information needed for school inspections and safeguarding software audits can be accessed with a push of a button, and input is made simple, safe, and speedy for those with administrator permissions.

What is Remote Access?

Remote Access is core to effective Network Management, through working with a unique network IP on all networked devices no matter their location. Software for remote management should always be FERPA and COPPA compliant to keep student security and privacy a priority, while providing safety through administration’s monitoring and content blocking abilities.
School device monitoring software keeps a log of search terms and website activity to track where harmful or inappropriate content may be encountered. This is then added to a central, automatic website blocking database which can be manually monitored with ease using central management network assistant software or effective school web filtering.

What is Remote Assistance?

Remote monitoring and management software works to provide fast remote assistance for any problems. Whether related to safeguarding software requirements, technical or user issues, remote assistance makes it simple to solve remotely.
Network Management Software, including remote desktop connection manager software for updates and interventions on connection issues, gives your IT administration team the ability to remotely access and control any device to assist where required.

How to Manage Access Control in Network Security?

Access control is the method of cybersecurity authorization management for access to sensitive data and resources. This is a very important aspect of school privacy management and data protection.
In order to keep data safe, processes of authentication, authorization, verification, and auditing of access accounts are undertaken within network management software.

Asset Cloud- the Best TeamViewer Alternative

Senso’s Asset Cloud remote desktop connection manager is the one-stop shop for all of your school and classroom management. An amazing asset manager option if you are looking for the Best TeamViewer Alternative on the market for complete network viewing.
Fully customisable and easy-to-understand, Senso’s Asset Cloud is the right choice for any organisation looking to improve network management.

The Robust Capabilities of Asset Cloud Software Include:

- Reporting on security and performance to accurately understand trends in data and statistics. But don’t worry, all reports are designed with easy understanding in mind, so are effectively designed in order for the most efficient and comprehensive reading possible so you can know where to act in no time!
- Alerts for important and relevant information as soon as you need it. Notifications of existing and potential issues can be easily enabled and managed to allocate and monitor individual device usage and disk space. While our troubleshooting software can take control of devices, diagnose and fix any problem immediately.
- Adding and Editing Assets is made easy so you can keep up with your ever-changing network, adding devices, servers and software across your network at your leisure.

You can learn more details about these useful and unique features, in addition to many others, in another of our expert blogs.

What Senso Cloud Can Do For You

If you have any questions about our Asset Cloud network management software, or queries about any of our other services, please don’t hesitate to call our reliable experts on 866-664-1520. Or simply Book a demo.