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Are you looking for an Asset Cloud solution?

Here at Senso, we believe in doing things differently. Innovative, creative and efficient, our products seek to make our client’s online experiences as smooth as possible. Many clients report the need to see their network in one 360°-view tool that enables smarter business decisions to be made as a result of being able to see a whole estate at one time.
Our Asset Cloud solution means you can level up your asset utilization quickly and easily, and is packed with key metrics that help our clients to decide where improvements need to be made. Senso Cloud believes in giving our clients control over their safeguarding software solutions, and Asset Cloud means our clients can access a full view of their estate and choose what works for them – and what doesn’t.

What features does Asset Cloud come with?

Asset Cloud brings together your key metrics, and every important aspect of your network’s applications, in order to provide you with a detailed insight into your assets and their performance. Cloud classroom management is an integral part of any smooth-running school. Asset Cloud’s key features include:


Reporting is a key aspect of asset management, as it can alert you to important trends from online monitoring in one accessible place. By presenting all your relevant trends, data and statistics in one easy-to-read report, this simplifies the process of determining which areas of your network are performing well and where improvement is needed.
Overview: Keeping you on top of your devices across the board.
Security: Peace of mind to know that your devices are covered by security measures and pointing out any devices that need closer attention.
Performance: Measuring key performance metrics to ensure user experience stays at a high.

With these reporting features, Senso can help you arrange your asset management in a single report format, without omitting any useful information. Perfect for an overall and comprehensive reporting feature, you will never have to worry about being out of the loop again!


Our alerts have been carefully designed to bring the most important information to your attention, immediately. We know how important it is to stay on top of network management and performance, and with Senso, you can immediately be notified of any potential issues.

Enable alerts: Letting you know when a device goes above its CPU usage or disk space allocation.

Manage alerts: Sort and allocate the notifications you get for your devices on an individual basis.

Troubleshoot: Controlling any device, machine or server from a single platform to diagnose and fix issues in real time.

Our alert features have been carefully designed to keep you up to date with your devices and instantaneously let you know if something isn't working the way it’s supposed to. With this technology at your fingertips, you can efficiently minimize any downtime from your devices and create a smooth-running operation.

Additional Asset Cloud Tools

As well as our reporting and alert features, we have added a few new modules to our Asset Cloud Solution, all designed to make monitoring and managing your devices a breeze. Our new features allow you to:

Add and Edit Assets in Asset Cloud

We know that your network can be ever-changing, and you’ll need to keep on top of your devices. This module allows you to add machines, devices and servers across your entire IT estate - stay up to date all the time!

Dark Mode

Giving you a sleek and stylish format with the click of a button, dark mode is easy on the eyes in low light conditions. It also helps improve battery life by reducing screen energy usage.


Senso knows how important it is to cater to your personalized experience, and as such we’ve designed your dashboard to be customized to your wants and needs. You can re-order, add and remove widgets in a few easy clicks, and get real-time information on your devices whenever you like.