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An Introduction to Clever Integration

Clever Integration makes digital learning work smoothly and effectively from day one of set up and all the days after that. Their free rostering saves districts a copious amount of time with easy implementation, reduced data errors and strengthening data security for all their users.

Clever Integration makes digital learning work smoothly

Clever Benefits

Clever has real time updates which automates creating, updating and archiving accounts based on the daily changes in your SIS (Student Information System). It allows for you to be in charge of the data you choose to share with applications and with a simple interface, applications only receive the data you specify to them whether that be for specific classes, individuals or an entire district. Super easy to use!

Clever also has a one-time connection. This means that applications build an integration for SIS compatibility and secure data transfers. Districts can set up a one-time connection between Clever integration and their Student information system.

Plus, with simple data rules, districts can use Clever’s rules to select the right classes, users or grades for each resource. Students are grouped into classes so that their teachers can see their specific class students within applications. Changes in the SIS prompts an update in connected applications too.

Senso partner with Clever

Senso’s partnership with Clever allows for a solution that integrates with all Student Information Systems that have class roster information. Clever pulls information from their SIS and Senso pulls that information from Clever to automate class groups for instructional educators. This enables Senso to create an easy to support 1:1 environment which in turn makes it easy for administrators and teachers too.

You can also single sign on to Senso using Clever login SSO – great right?! A massive benefit of Clever integration for schools is that it’s completely FREE to use, all the costs are on the vendor. An extra bonus to top off all its many benefits!

Do you want more information on what Senso can do for you and your school or business? Get in touch, book a demo and see why so many schools and businesses have already purchased Senso software. We’d love to hear from you!

Senso Clever Integration