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A Complete Guide to School Chromebook Management

Chromebooks are often rated among the best technology solutions for students across K-12 learning, so naturally they are found in most schools. When personal Chromebooks are used on school premises or if they are school property taken home by students, security and chrome management are essential considerations. Senso is here to help you understand how to effectively and easily use Chromebooks in a school setting.

Common Problems with Chromebooks

When you’re allowing students access to easy to use technology like Chromebooks, some problems can arise in the classroom and with home-working. When introducing technology to kids they need some guidance on the dangers of the internet and the subsequent limits of tech use at school.

Tech infrastructure can be difficult to get your head around as an educator or administrator, but is a vital way to protect kids online and prioritise learning.

Connectivity Issues

If network connectivity goes down during a lesson, you want to avoid the chaos of slow learning speeds and the distracted students that inevitably follow. With increased numbers of students using technology in schools, internet services can become overloaded at peak hours and impact productivity. This is a common problem which as an educator you need to have a plan for.

Luckily, an effective classroom management teaching software package can allow you to take full control of devices. With Class Cloud, teachers can disable the internet from networked devices to reduce Wi-Fi usage when not in use, while still allowing students to view internet based learning materials through broadcast functions. Therefore, only one device needs to be connected to allow for classrooms to benefit from this method of education.


Networked devices can sometimes have issues with security and privacy, but Chromebook management and anywhere filtering from network management software can be used to effectively ensure student safety and prevent harm.

How to Block Websites on Chromebooks is a common query from teachers, but Chromebook web filtering is made simple with a networked cloud-based solution. A centralised web-based portal helps larger scale management of data to manage and monitor usage in real time and help block websites on Chromebooks and any networked device using content filtering from keyword monitoring databases.


Troubleshooting programs on today’s Chromebooks can help narrow down issues with individual devices to help you understand any problems quickly. However, in a busy school setting, interruptions to fix issues or take the device to the IT department (if your institution even have one) can have consequences on learning, taking time out of what is important.

Therefore, diagnostic management through cloud based network management is the ideal solution. Remote screen capture and controls allow for easy access to fix issues through task manager or the Chrome diagnostics app.

Class Chrome

How can Senso Class Cloud help in your classroom and device management system?

Only $3 per device a year for all of these functionalities included:
• Lock Screen
• Broadcast Screen
• Block Web
• Launch
• Client Live Chat
• Close Tab
• Clever Sync
• Block Sound
• Reset Password
• Q&A Module

Safeguard Chrome

Boost your safeguarding into the stratosphere!

Only $4 per device a year to protect your network comprehensively with:
• Critical Email Alerts
• Logging and Blocking
• Violation Logs
• Website Logs
• Violation Screenshots
• AI Image Analysis
• Reporting Exports
• Lock Screen
• Launch
• Client Live Chat
• Send File
• Access

Enterprise Chrome

A comprehensive power house bundle covering all the essentials in Class Chrome and Safeguard Chrome in one comprehensive suite for only $5 per device a year.

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