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8 Tips for Student Safety: Mastering Safeguarding Software

Security technology and safeguarding compliance is always evolving. Staying up to date with the latest safeguarding software, policies, and best practice is crucial to maintaining a safe network.

Senso knows that, especially in the education sector, safeguarding and data protection are top priorities. As a result, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions through cutting-edge safeguarding software. Here are some of our top tips to implement Safeguarding Software into your network's security plan.

AI-Driven Visual Threat Analysis

Senso's screen monitoring software analyses visual content across your network to identify and block inappropriate imagery in real time. This fast response is due to ongoing AI-Driven remote monitoring and management of content warnings based on vast cloud-based databases.

Student device monitoring with this safeguarding software reduces potential harm to student safety by encouraging early intervention. This dynamic application of AI in student device monitoring software works to develop a more robust content filtering and safeguarding strategy.

Regular Keyword Library Updates

Senso's keyword monitoring software uses extensive databases that are regularly updated with the latest online risks. Each month, we update our databases with content filtering recommendations from the Counter-Terrorism Internet Referral Unit.

Remote monitoring software identifies these keywords from anywhere in your network to automatically block associated content and web pages. When the threat is detected, your safeguarding display gives you an alert so you can prioritize and intervene where you need to.

Safeguarding Compliance Measures

Safeguarding compliance requirements should be present throughout your online system, in the software itself, and in staff training. Senso’s safeguarding software is a fully CIPA compliant system that prioritizes student safety in schools across the country.

It is vital to keep your staff up to date on the current safeguarding compliance essentials to understand key processes and risks. Senso’s online learning management system (LMS), Senso Learn, provides compliance learning materials and gives you the freedom to build and host your own institution-specific courses and information for staff training.

Monitoring Microsoft Teams Chat Logs

Senso's Software integration with Microsoft Teams is one of our most popular safeguarding measures. Monitoring chat logs for unsafe conduct like cyberbullying, malware, and inappropriate images, protects students in places it may be otherwise missed. This is vital to promote a uniformly safe and secure digital space in hybrid and blended learning environments.

Proactive Remote Monitoring and Management

A proactive safeguarding system is crucial to protect student safety on a day-to-day basis. Safeguard Cloud uses live alerts for effective remote monitoring and management of threats as they arise. Whereas thumbnail views allow staff to view student screens when needed to responsibly monitor and identify inappropriate behavior.

Interventions can be integrated into your offsite filtering and safeguarding solutions with diverse and varied school safety software. Access Blocking and Remote Control features put the power to protect into your hands, allowing you to quickly implement safety measures where needed.

Suitable Safeguarding Policies and Agreement Logs

With networked cloud storage, you can easily keep account of user agreements and catalog which individuals are aware of accessible use policies and digital conduct.

Digital citizenship training materials can be distributed and accessed on the Senso Learn LMS to inform staff during onboarding and refresher training. While secure data logs of the first and most recent policy agreements ensure all staff is on the same page about the importance of safeguarding and responsible digital citizenship.

Read-only Logs Ensuring Cloud Data Integrity

Student and staff data should remain private on your school’s single central record, protected from unauthorized access and alterations. Critical information in cloud-based storage solutions requires assurance of integrity and security.

Senso’s Safeguarding Cloud Bundle provides your admin staff with read-only logs that restrict editing and modification. This extra layer of protection provides security from unexpected events like data breaches or hacks.

Trend Analysis Reports to Form a Proactive Strategy

On your safeguarding display, you have access to trend analysis reports and prioritization features that can help you develop a wider safeguarding strategy for your school. Consistent online tracking over time builds a picture of the risks and behaviors that arise on your network.

Structured in accessible reports, user behavior data provides valuable insight into your network. From this, you can build a proactive and specialized safeguarding strategy that meets potential hazards as they emerge.

Explore More Safeguarding Software Opportunities with Senso

Safeguarding is more important than ever as school technology use grows. We hope that these tips on effective safeguarding software use give you a head start on using your systems to their best potential.

To go further with safeguarding, you can claim your Free Demo of Senso’s school software today or get in touch with our team at 866-664-1520.