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5 Ways Senso School Software Combats Tech Anxiety

Here at Senso, we know that adapting to new technology as an institution of any size is difficult. Tech anxiety is a very real problem for many staff and students that have to learn to use modern and unfamiliar software. To combat this, we have designed our software, interfaces, and advice to complete our mission to provide easy-to-use, helpful, and innovative school software to all of our clients.

Here are some of the ways in which Senso software is the right choice to help combat tech anxiety in school settings.

 Teacher-Focused Development from the Start

Senso Cloud has been developed from its inception as a tool first and foremost based on providing the best quality network management and teaching software packages for schools. Embracing technology in administration and integrating it into classroom management strategies can be daunting for teachers and para-educators, but is essential to keeping up with the fast pace of changes in your students’ lives and the wider world.

Senso’s software system is designed to meet the specific needs of educators around the globe. Tailoring your school software to build healthy and engaging classroom management strategies for your students can aid in keeping their attention and accelerating their learning in a variety of ways.

Class Cloud software modules that our clients love include our student screen monitoring, broadcast screen capabilities, and Microsoft Teams chat Monitoring. This teaching software puts ease of use and flexibility at the heart of its design, allowing teachers and their students to work together on projects, communicate and give presentations in a hybrid learning environment.

Distinct Module-Based Software

As an educational institution of any size, you have to select the technology and school software that best suit the structure and running of your school. To meet these tailoring requirements, Senso offers individualized and flexible software packages for schools through our modular design.

Each of our software products can be purchased on a modular basis as a selection of related tools for cloud classroom management, network monitoring, or safeguarding, or as larger bundles for a cost-effective holistic software solution in our Enterprise Cloud bundle.

Many of our clients have said they have benefited from categorizing each software capability as interconnected modules. This unique approach significantly aids in understanding and using all aspects of school software effectively!

Centralized Remote Assistant

Senso’s Asset Cloud software and hardware assistant provides a useful real-time comprehensive analysis of your network’s security, performance, and alerts. When implemented alongside our Network Cloud Bundle for streamlining remote monitoring and management of your whole IT network, this software acts as a holistic centralized cloud-based remote assistant to streamline the running of your entire network.

This approach to management can greatly impact the efficient running of your system, effectively identifying issues and sharing information through the cloud-based software platform. For more information on how an effective Network Management system is an essential tool for your school administration and IT-team, you can read our expert guide.

Integration with Existing Software and Tech

Adapting your network and system to new software should be simple, reducing the work needed to make changes and the time it takes for your staff to get used to the new systems. Therefore, Senso’s software is made to integrate with your existing trusted technology and school software tools.

We are partnered with Microsoft Azure Marketplace, streamlining software deployment and management with easy integration alongside Microsoft Azure to replace piece-meal on-site software and hardware.

Our software is also available to work alongside and implement security and student safety on popular brands in use in schools across the country. This includes our products related specifically to keyword monitoring in Microsoft Teams Chat Logs, a large concern for many of our clients who have worries over cyberbullying and inappropriate communication in hybrid and blended learning over Teams services.

No matter the Operating System of your school technology, we have solutions tailored to work seamlessly with your existing systems. Our modular bundles can be specially selected as part of your school software package for availability on Microsoft or Chrome tech. No matter what your software and technology systems look like currently, Senso is there to help give it the boost in security and usability that it needs!

Service Desk Options

Senso’s Service Desk has you covered to address your worries and concerns around your software in real time. Through the single central management platform, you are able to access high-level insights and control your software and technology from one place.

With our ticket-raising and resolution system, you can easily track and automate issues through our software. This streamlines the entire running of your institution’s network to meet problems where they arise, prioritizing what is most important to solve to maintain efficiency in your network.

Having this capability helps reduce tech anxiety among those less seasoned in technology use, empowering them with the option to get real results and assistance when required. The Remote desktop client is an ideal way to centralise your system and make the most of your school software.

How can Senso Help You?

Senso is a premier international school software provider with support from a range of top US educational institutions and tech businesses. A trusted and reliable software provider is essential for revolutionizing your school software in ways that can help your institution's para-professionals, educators, and para-educators begin to master tech in the classroom and beyond!

You can book your Free Demo to discover if our software is right for you or contact our team at 866-664-1520 today.