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4 Top School Software Uses for Classroom Learning

When implementing EdTech (Education Technology) in the classroom, aligning your classroom management, progress tracking, and device monitoring to what your students need is key. Senso offers school software appropriate for any class from K through 12 education, however, the levels of school achievement that follow depend on the subject, age group, and tech literacy of each class and each student.

In this explainer, we hope to provide you with useful information and top tips for effective School software use to get the most out of your EdTech for all students. This article answers the question: What is Senso able to do to prioritize learning in the classroom?

Networked Class Monitoring Systems

Networked file sharing and device management allow for the easy sharing of lesson plans to substitute teachers and other para educators allowing for seamless education through personnel changes. This feature is also an incredibly useful tool for tracking and monitoring student progress, sharing test results, and safeguarding concerns among staff to ensure all bases of education are covered.

Remote access to your school’s student and class monitoring systems provides educators to easily get the information they need about each student’s progress. This is an important classroom management strategy to implement into your use of classroom management software, especially in elementary education, enabling early intervention for academic issues or safeguarding concerns.

Senso’s teaching software, Class Cloud, contains many avenues to utilize this shared information on student progress in the classroom. Screen sharing and student device monitoring are important aspects of the best classroom management software focused on individualizing and tailoring learning wherever possible, even in larger classrooms. On the easy-to-use teacher dashboard, you can monitor student behavior and intervene to keep them on track or provide individual or small group quick question messages to keep struggling students engaged.

Mastering Communication Strategies

Teacher classroom software can also be used to foster an open and communicative classroom management strategy by encouraging open and safe conversation and collaborative learning even in hybrid learning or remote classroom environments.

Senso’s school software works to manage and monitor Microsoft Teams chats as a form of safeguarding to reduce cyberbullying and inappropriate content. Keyword monitoring software for Microsoft Teams chat logs with easy integration as Senso has been designed for Microsoft Azure systems.

In a blended learning situation, it can be difficult to maintain an active classroom atmosphere without your students becoming distracted from their learning. Student device monitoring and remote Microsoft Teams monitoring work together in Senso software to keep your kids on track from getting side-tracked using traditional classroom and lab management software.

However, the best school software makes the most of the tech revolution by working with students in the virtual space to maintain their attention and give them the confidence to share their learning with others in new ways, through cloud classroom management software technology accessible for all ages!

Monitoring Cyber-Bullying to Reduce Stresses

Mental health and well-being is incredibly important around test time, when students’ goals are culminating, stress can be a huge issue. Don’t let your students’ hard work not get them where they need to be because of stress and mental health issues caused by common problems such as cyberbullying.

Here at Senso we support David’s Law to recognize and commit to promoting healthy school atmospheres focused on student well-being. David’s Law applies to any form of bullying through online chat and communication tools.

Senso’s Safeguard Cloud Computer monitoring software for schools includes content filtering to enhance your school web filtering to monitor keywords from cloud keywords and website databases to protect students from accessing harmful sites. This applies to all networked devices, allowing for offsite content filtering as well as providing holistic school web filtering solutions.

Safeguarding Cloud software of this kind gives you the power to promote student safety in ways that count, giving educators the ability to monitor student device use to identify safeguarding issues and cyberbullying problems early. As well as keeping them safe and happy, this also prevents these online problems from becoming impediments to your student’s educational attainment.

Dynamic Classroom Management and Student Involvement

Give your students the confidence and independence to demonstrate what they are learning, giving them the opportunity to educate one another in ways they will recognize and often be further engaged to apply their learning throughout their online lives.

Technology learning is a rapidly growing area of education that has an impact across the curriculum, making the most of Senso’s useful learning tools in the classroom gives students new opportunities for learning. Many students that experience academic struggles may require different methods of education. By reframing lessons with online activities and quick quizzes, assigning practical tasks to present to the class through the Broadcast Screen within our Class Cloud software, or even casting an educational website or video onto individual screens from your teacher classroom screen console dashboard.

Senso School Software is Revolutionizing Classrooms around the World

As part of Senso’s mission, schools using our software are opening up to see new ways of engaging students in learning, making sure that every child gets the full educational support they require. Cloud-based software bundles give schools more insight and flexibility to work with students on a new level, being proactive and changing how classrooms typically work as they embrace the new hybrid classroom for all of its many opportunities.

If you think that our cloud-based solutions are right for you and your school, book a demo with us today. To learn more about our services call our pre-sales team at 866-664-1520 or fill out our handy contact at the top of this page.