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10 Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom

It’s often harder than it seems to appropriately and contextually integrate technology into the classroom. In this blog, we try and give you our Senso guide to doing just that, demonstrating how our Class Cloud software is the best solution to assist teachers and educators in enhancing classroom experiences by embracing digital tools for learning.

1. Creating a Collaborative Classroom Environment

Students using technology in the classroom can help empower them, transforming the traditional learning space into a dynamic environment. Classrooms with technology integrated into everyday activity enable greater sharing of ideas and non-disruptive real-time feedback.

The full Class Cloud software bundle provides a range of tech tools for teachers and students to embrace advanced classroom technologies in new ways, revolutionizing classroom learning. Creating active classroom environments is vital to empowering students. Therefore, collaborative technology is a great tool to improve student engagement and encourage participation.

2. Screen share for Student Presentations

Students and teachers are able to share screens with the class when required with Senso’s broadcast screen functions. This means that students can share their work with the class easily from their devices to the front of the class.

Reducing the screen-sharing setup process with easy-to-use, press-of-a-button classroom management, enables seamless transitions between devices. Efficient sharing and presentation features are key to boosting student confidence, encouraging active participation, and creating a more engaging learning experience.

3. Active Monitoring in the Classroom

A key part of classroom management is to maintain discipline and ensure students stay on task. The possibility of distraction is a worry for may teachers that are beginning to integrate technology into the classroom. However, real-time monitoring with a screen thumbnail view provides a detailed level of oversight to identify issues and intervene when needed.

Live thumbnail view allows teachers to observe and monitor multiple devices within a defined classroom group. Integrated with other remote control intervention software like block web, launch, and lock screen software modules, teachers can effectively identify and respond to a variety of issues.

4. Block Websites for Safeguarding

Senso’s Safeguarding Software enables effective protection from harmful or inappropriate content online all throughout schools. However, real-time, active monitoring in the classroom ensures teachers can temporarily block websites at their discretion. Class Cloud software additionally allows teachers to disable internet connections or send warning pop-up messages as needed, to prevent distraction in class.

Maintaining a safe, focused learning environment requires school software to provide a blanket ban on identified dangerous content, but also a proactive approach to protection within the classroom. Teachers can customize the blocking settings to fit the specific needs of their classroom, ensuring that students stay on task and use the internet responsibly.

5. Classroom Volume Control

Noisy classrooms can be one of the biggest distractions for students and teachers alike. Therefore, Senso has included the Block Sound module in the Class Cloud bundle, enabling teachers to mute any device in seconds. This is another useful way to minimize distractions in the classroom.

6. Quick Question Quizzes

The quick question Q&A module is a great way to effectively and immediately engage students. With two easy steps, teachers can send a question to whole classes, groups, or individuals to refocus their attention. A pop-up on student devices displays questions, re-engaging them and providing an opportunity to review key concepts of the lesson.

With instant feedback from these quick question quizzes within the teacher dashboard, it is easy to gauge comprehension on the spot. This streamlined process of asking questions is a great way to identify students’ strengths and areas for improvement in their learning. This allows teachers to adapt lesson plans to better cover subjects of struggle.

7. Check-in for Students

Both the Q&A Module and send message function allows allow for an open, communicative, and responsive classroom atmosphere. Regular check-ins on students’ emotional and academic well-being are crucial to address struggling students and identify safeguarding issues early on.

Sending a check-in message to a class after a lesson can help teachers to better adapt lesson plans and identify progress. But it can also give students an opportunity to share their struggles and problems in a safe, secure way.

8. Develop Digital Lesson Plans

With the student communication tools above, teachers can identify areas that require more focus in future lessons. This creates a responsive teaching plan that adapts to the progress of students.

Additionally, the broadcast screen and web launch functions assist teachers in designing interactive lessons with multimedia elements. Classroom technology integration can improve student engagement by expanding the amount of tools teachers can use for their lesson plans.

9. Integration with Google Classroom Groups

Teachers can easily share lesson plans with students and faculty easily with integration with Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and Classlink. Set up groups with Senso’s software or transfer them from these workplaces to streamline sharing and synchronization.

Microsoft or Google Workspace sync with classroom-sharing software improves the efficiency of class groups, assignments, and more. This ease of sharing enhances school software as an essential admin tool to create a cohesive digital learning environment, especially for larger schools.

10. Substitute Teacher Class Sharing

Organizing substitute teachers is essential to reducing disruptions to students’ learning. Senso designs our Substitute Teacher software to improve ease-of-use making it easier to share digital lesson plans and communicate student progress.

Substitutes can access detailed information about ongoing projects, individual student needs, and class dynamics, making their transition into the classroom smoother and more effective. This feature helps maintain consistency in instruction and minimizes disruptions to students' learning experiences.

Create a truly Collaborative Classroom with Technology from Senso

Tech tools from Class Cloud make it easy to enhance classroom experiences and enable new forms of learning. To discover more ways to use Class Cloud and other Senso school software by claiming your Free Demo.

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